Flood defence and protection systems face problems such as sea water corrosion, and damage due to impact from vessels, plant and other machinery.

Keep your feet dry with the Performance Coatings’ polyurea products, which provide excellent protection against the elements, extending the life of flood defence and protection systems considerably, thereby reducing the risk of failure and improving the assets efficiency.


With over 40 years of experience, we have a solution to any coating or lining problem. Our advanced coatings for flood protection and defence are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids, environmental factors, and can offer collision and blast protection.

Our flood protection and defense solutions are proven to be reliable and effective coatings that can even be applied in-situ to piping using our Spray In Place Pipe (SIPP) – Polyurea Lining Systems, reducing replacement and maintenance costs whilst extending the life expectancy by up to 50 years.

The Performance Coating flood protection and defense products adhere to rigid standards, and contain no VOCs, solvents or ozone depleting ingredients that damage the environment.

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