Corrosion to equipment, structures and assets can be costly and cause unwanted downtime.

Our Performance Coatings’ polyurea coatings form a chemically resistant barrier to assets such as pipes and structures, thereby preventing exposure to water and oxygen that would cause corrosion.

Our anti corrosion coatings have a high tensile strength and have excellent elongation for applications requiring a tough, resilient coating. Anti-corrosion coatings are used for the protection of your assets which, due to the nature of the environment or other factors, are prone to being corroded or are directly exposed to corrosion, and can be applied in-situ, reducing downtime and giving a fast return to service.

Our most recommended solution to protect assets against corrosion is EonCoat.

Find more info on the patented EonCoat technology and products here.


With over 40 years of experience, we have a solution to any coating or lining problem. Our advanced coatings for anti-corrosion are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids, environmental factors, and can offer collision and blast protection.

Our anti-corrosion solutions are proven to be reliable and effective coatings that can even be applied in-situ to piping using our Spray In Place Pipe (SIPP) – Polyurea Lining Systems, reducing replacement and maintenance costs whilst extending the life expectancy by up to 50 years.

The Performance Coating products adhere to rigid standards, and contain no VOCs, solvents or ozone depleting ingredients that damage the environment.

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